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Let's face it, for most of us buying new hockey equipment is a major expense.  The more use you get out of your gear the better.  Well luckily for you Gear Tender can help with the longevity of your gear.  The combination of sweat and a dark warm enviorment like your hockey, pads, gloves, and skates creates a breeding ground for a mulituded of different types of bacteria and viruses.  These cause odors as a biproduct and also wear out the leather, padding and stiching on your equipment, making it fall apart faster.  We attach the cause, the bacteria, killing up to 99.999% of it by forcing high concentrations of Ozone deep into the padding.  

Call today for our safe, simple, and convenient cleaning services.


• On-site cleaning at your location or FREE pick up and return

• Convenient appointment scheduling Call, Text, or Email

• Service in about 1 hour.

• We do all your gear including the bag.  

SAVE $10 on multiple sets during one visit

• Satisfaction guaranteed

What you can expect

Gear Tender is designed to be a great experience.  We respect your time and your equipment. Let us prove it to you.  We will show up on time and will always give you a little more than you expect!  Contact us today!


You have a choice and we hope you choose Gear Tender.  You will be glad you did!

We are proffesionals

Give us a call and schedule an appointment to either have us clean your equipment on site or have it picked up and returned in 24-36 hours.  We will then Inspect and subject your equipment to high concentrations of Ozone that is pumped through your gear in stages.  Round 1 Sanitizes & Round 2 Deodorizes.  Consider it a bacteria ridding double tap!

How We Do It

Sweat Creates Bacteria, Bacteria Creates Odor.  Gear Tender Eliminates Both!

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