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At Gear Tender, we share your love for hockey, and we understand that maintaining your athletic equipment isn't easy, infact the smell of your gear can be horrendous.  You can count on us for the most convenient solution to keeping your gear, deodorized, sanitized, and in top-notch shape, we know how bad Hockey equipment can smell.

Call today for our safe, simple, and convenient cleaning services.


• On-site cleaning at your location

• Convenient appointment scheduling

• Free pick up & delivery on orders of $40 or more

• Items returned dry, odorless, & disinfected

SAVE $10 on multiple sets during one visit

• Satisfaction guaranteed

What do we offer?

You will love working with us. We respect your time and your equipment. We will even provide repair services. Why not rely on professionals? Contact us today!


We're Pittsburgh's only on-the-spot gear cleaning service.

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For just $40, we will pick up, deliver, and clean all of your hockey equipment, including your helmet, shoulder, shin, and elbow pads, and even the storage bag.  

Enjoy affordable and convenient services

Eliminate odors without wearing out your equipment!

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